The AL-KO Comfort Suspension (ACS) for Fiat Ducato front axle motorhome cabs fitted with AL-KO AMC Chassis makes driving both safer and more convenient. Both the shock absorbers and coil springs are suited to the high front axle loads of motorhomes.

  • Linear rate springs with longer travel suspension and optimized shock absorber provides enhanced handling
  • Better lateral stability provides greater safety and comfort
  • Improved road and driving feel due to faster and more responsive steering
  • Upgraded front axle capacity when fitted during AL-KO AMC chassis assembly*
  • Specifically designed for the constant high load requirements of Motorhomes
  • Raises front ride height by 40mm

* Front axle capacity is increased from 2100 kg to 2300 kg when fitted by AL -KO on a new vehicle with AMC chassis. Can be purchased separately for fitment to the standard Fiat chassis, or retrofitted to any 2007 onwards Fiat Ducato heavy, including vans.