When You Want the Best in Automotive Repair and Service Work

SR Automotive offers a wide range of automotive repairs and services for customers in Kippa Ring and all over the Redcliffe Peninsula. Our staff is comprised of both experienced  automotive mechanics and new automotive repair professionals who work together to provide you with a completely exceptional experience.

During any normal servicing job, our technicians will follow a strict format to make certain that nothing gets overlooked from the obvious issues, to the minutest details. It’s all part of the SR Automotive commitment to provide the absolute best work to our customers.

We give you unparalleled service throughout the entire process from explaining the work we do before and after it’s done, to using only brand name parts for service and repair, to making sure that your vehicle is clean, mark-free, and ready to go when you pick it up. 

SR Automotive’s Redcliffe Automotive Servicing Options

It’s easy to remember to call up a mechanic when something isn’t working on your vehicle. But in reality if you’re waiting for something to go wrong to bring your car into an auto repair place, then you may be inadvertently shortening the lifespan of your vehicle. General maintenance and servicing is important because that’s what keeps your vehicle in excellent running condition and prevents more serious repair jobs from being needed. SR Automotive offers numerous auto servicing options including:

  • Suspension Servicing
  • Brakes Servicing
  • Clutch Servicing
  • Engine Maintenance
  • Wheel Alignments
  • Electronic Tuning
  • EFI Servicing
  • Approved Safety Inspections
  • New Car Warranty Servicing
  • General Servicing

SR Automotive Service Repair Options

Unfortunately no matter how well you keep up with routine maintenance jobs for your vehicle, it’s impossible to avoid the need for automotive repairs from time to time. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go through the hassle and the headache of being overcharged for an auto repair job that’s not even done properly.

SR Automotive’s award-winning technicians carefully handle every step of the repair process to make sure that not even the tiniest detail gets overlooked. Our qualified mechanics provide a broad range of mechanical repairs to get your vehicle back in better shape than it was in before the repair was needed!

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At SR Automotive we conduct regular servicing and repairs on all makes and all types of motor vehicles including Ford, Toyota, VW, Chrysler, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, Fiat, Peugeot, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Subaru and more. Contact us and find out more about our comprehensive automotive repair and automotive services options and find out why we’ve become a favorite with residents all over the Redcliffe Peninsula.

Hurry and book your vehicle in for a service or repair by our qualified mechanics by calling (07) 3284-4500 today or visiting us at 51 Beach Street Kippa Ring today!